Friday, September 5, 2014

How to make Stick Pins for your cards (beginners guide)

There is a challenge coming up i will be doing with stick pins..and i thought i need to see if i can make some of these.  So first stop... Youtube.  I checked out several videos and I think i came up with some good ideas all rolled into one tutorial for beginners. 

First off... Supplies:

Styrofoam..preferably one that will be able to set and not tip over (i used what i had and I  had a Styrofoam i've cut it in half...although my foam tape roll worked as a great base so it didn't roll away) This is used to hold your pin as it dries. (others recommended plastic earring backs, but i would have to buy those, so i went with Styrofoam)

Ranger's Glossy/Matte Accents (or something just like it) (some use E6000, but i opted out because of the smell and i think it takes a bit longer to dry)

Random small beads..not seed beads, but not beads with big holes..beads that have holes just a bit bigger than a straight pin.  Iridescent always work well because they match with most other metal beads etc.  (Your choices will change as you start making more stick pins)

Metal bead charms..or not..i like the character.

Other options: miniature charms, jewerly, feathers (will need clips for these), miniature letter block beads.

Basic jewelry supplies, small jump rings, bead caps to fit the beads you are using, hat pins, bead pins..or wire.  In this tutorial i am using decorative bead pins and one head pin. Needle nose pliers, or whatever you use for jump rings, rounded nose pliers, close snip wire cutters.

So let's get started:
I usually "test" all of my beading by layering it on the pin, once i find i like it, i put it back on and put a dot of Glossy accents on the last bead before the bead cap.  Once i put the bead cap on i poke it into the Styrofoam to dry.  That's pretty much it.

Here is the process in photos for you:
"character beads"

laying out my bead selection

This one is blurred, but i think you can see what i did.

Supplies for a simple Feather stick pin
Securing the feather to a jewelry finding

Purple feather version (i made two)

Adding jump ring to jewelry finding

Boo Stick pin supplies
I am adding a dangling word

using miniature jewelry

Finished Boo stick pin

using a charm
Thanks for looking, hope it inspired you to make a stick pin for your cards.  I will be using these soon!

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