Thursday, February 5, 2009

Indianapolis Children's Museum

This is the second and third time we visited the Children's Museum with the boys and their parents. April 2008/June 2008
The museum has an area for preschoolers under the age of 5.  Beckett's favorite area is the water table.  I used my cricut to cut out the letters "Playscape" using the scraps of photo leftover from cutting out the images.
This is a race car that sits on one of the levels of the museum, it represents the Indianapolis culture.  This is the first time the boys sat in the car.  I needed a die cut and found the K& Co. die cuts and reduced the size and then made them 3-d by cutting them out without the tires or steering wheel and using pop stickers to raise them up.  I then cut out the wheels leftover and used them as embellishments.
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