Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Santa's List..It's official :)

Last week Monday i had surgery done on my left leg...and this Monday i had the right leg done.  I have had a  case of varicose veins and sitting at the computer and coloring images just wasn't going to be in the "cards" (no pun there) for part of the week as i had to keep my legs elevated and quite frankly, i wasn't in the mood to make cards. 

So tonight after the wraps are finally off i can bend my knees...sore legs still, but it's a part of healing.  With the ability to bend my knees and be more mobile, i made this card for The Greeting Farm Fresh Friday Spy Day challenge due on Thursday.

I am casing the following card:

With the card as inspiration i chose to make a "Santa's List" card.  The team has been so kind to me this year with the many positive comments and encouragements.  (I should have put the past team on as well...Leanne from the past team commented on the majority if not all of my submitted cards...she is a sweetheart!)  I just want to say thank you and hope this is a good way.
This card would be a great personalized card, with family members names on the list.

TGF Friday Spy Day- Case card

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