Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coke Soda Bottle Christmas Reindeer gift

Found this super cute idea on Pinterest to make Soda/beer bottles into Reindeer.  I thought it would be cute to make them using the Christmas Coke bottles.

Supplies/tools needed:
Glue gun for pom pom nose
Brown Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes (i used the sticker version)
Red Glitter Pom poms

What i did:
1. Bend pipe cleaner in half to find the center.  Cut 2- 2 1/4" pipe cleaner pieces for the antlers.  Wrap the 2 1/4" pieces at the end of the pipe cleaners to  create the antler only need to twist it around once.
2. Wrap the finished antlers around the top of the bottle just under the bottle cap with the "center" (you found in step one) in the front where you want to put your eyes/nose.
3. Attach eyes just under the cap, and then hot glue the nose under the eyes.
4. Cut a piece of ribbon 10" long..i used 1/2" ribbon, if your ribbon is wider you might have to add more length.  You could also use cut fleece to make it look like a scarf.  Tie this ribbon under his nose.
5.  Ta da you now have a Christmas Coke Reindeer..what do you think?  I am using this gift to go w/gift cards this year.

video link " how to" here

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