Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning how to do a Flap Christmas Mini album part one

I am teaching myself and my scrap group how to make a Flap Mini Album. The step by step instructions are below...this is part one of many posts.

Flap Book Base
What you will need for your base pages is:
3 card stock 12 x 12 plain paper (your choice) to match the paper you have chosen. (I am planning to use black because the paper will pop)

For the background and embellishment icons: (I have purchased K& Company Christmas Brenda Walton's 12 x 12 paper pad to use and that is what i will show as i make this...any paper can work)

6-12 x 12 all over print paper
1- 12 x 12 paper that has (on one side of the double-sided paper)
a flourish design/Christmas design in 2 of
the corners that we can fussy cut for our cover and another
page. (the back side can be all over print)
1- 12 x 12 Border sheet (doesn't need to be double sided)
1- 12 x 12 Icon sheet (words)(not double sided) or stickers you can use

How to make the black base pages:
Cut 3- 12 x 6" pieces score at 6"
Cut 3 6 x 6" pieces score at 1"
Attach 1"flap (6 x 6") piece to 12 x 6" to make a 17 x 6" piece with scoring at 6" and 6" with 5" left over.
It will look like this:

Now chose a paper with a design in the corner for your cover. I chose the Santa from the pad i am using.
Cut 3- 5 7/8" squares and one 4 7/8" x 5 7/8" as shown in the picture below.
Attach the Santa 5 7/8" squared piece to the right hand 6 x 6" section as shown.  (the 5" section will be on your left)

Turn the page over and attach the  "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas" 5 7/8" square to the 6" section on the left, attach the 4 7/8 x 5 7/8" piece to the 5 x 6" section (all the way to the right)...i flipped the paper so that the border was on top.  With your last piece of paper, you will be using the back side of the paper which is holly leaves.  Attach that in the middle section.
You now have the first section background papers done.  We will do the reverse side of the 4 7/8" flap in the next post.  All of the photo placements and embellishments will be done in the end.
I am also making a video at Grandma Bonnie You Tube for this part of the book.  I will attach a the video link once it is finished.

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