Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow date cardmaking #2

This is the second card in our Snow Date cardmaking.  This card was inspired by Magnolia Ink Easter issue from last year page 24 and has a lot more steps.  Also it was intended to be on the cover of a gift bag...i made it into a card.

here are the supplies i used: (my suggestion is to read ALL of the instructions first)
6.25 x 4.25 card base (used vertically)
4 x 6.75 cream base (i allowed for the border punch) (trim back to fit inside card base once you punch the one end) (see below photos)
Purple to fit inside of the cream base
3.75 x 1" cream strip for border (same cream as above)
3.5 x 3.75 tan (again i allowed for the border punch) (once you punch the border you will trim back to 3.75 x 2.5") (see below photos)
3.75 x 2.5 green paper
Large scallop or circle- 3.75 purple
Doily or circle- 3.50- cream
Small scallop or circle- 2.75- purple
Smallest circle- 2"-cream
Easter sentiment cut at 3" long
border punch, leaf punch, flowers
purple ribbon
Image- I used the Tilda leaning over...any image or die cut would work here.

Punch the short end of your cream paper 4 x 6.75 and then cut the other short end so that the paper fits on your card base..i allowed for a bit of white to show as a mat.  Mat the purple paper to the inside of the cream w/the border showing at the top.
 Now you are going to punch your cream border strip (3.75 x 1") set aside.  Punch your  tan paper (3.75 x 3.5)  on the short side.  Once you punch your tan paper you will need to cut back the other short side so that this piece now measures 3.75 x 2.50.
 Now place your green piece above your tan piece (i dry run these pieces and then tape them all down...there is a bit of adjustment allowed w/the cream border strip)  Once you like the placement tape it down.
 Now we will start working on our circles..just like lasagna you will layer the colors..purple, cream, purple, cream.  Attach them in that order and foam dot them to your card.  You will need to allow room for your ribbon and sentiment at the top and some room for the flowers at the bottom (check out the last photo to see what i mean)
Now i know in the magazine, this is made for a gift bag, but i liked the touch of ribbon at the top, so i allowed for it.  What i did was hole punch the top..measuring 1" in from the sides.   Then i pulled the ribbon through and taped the ends to the back.  Once the ribbon is attached you can adhere the piced to the card base.
 I added a bow, but i attached the sentiment first so that the bow placement didn't cover the words.  To see a great tutorial for making this sentiment standout go here.
This is the image i will color and use on this card...she is off to the side...and will be placed in the center.
This is the finished card w/out the image.
My finished card w/a Magnolia stamp

Magnolia Stamp Lovers- Punches (Leaning Tilda found here)
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