Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love Fairy set- Card, Tag and Corner bookmark

I guess i am on a roll, and what's even crazier is i colored the same image 3 times but at different heights...some people would color one and scan it and reduce it, but no...i colored them all.  Crazy!

My inspiration is the challenge at Pollycraft..they only requested a card and tag..and i went even further and made a corner bookmark..i know, Crazy!

Here is the set of Card and Tag...
And the individual shots:

The Corner Bookmark..just for fun...and craziness. LOL

Also just want anyone looking and if you are interested, i post most of my cards on my Etsy shop here.

The sketch i used for the card is from Skipping Stones Design:

Pollycraft- Card and Tag
Skipping Stones Design- Sketch

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