Monday, January 30, 2012

Miss Anya Garland in style!

One of my favorite things to do is to Alter things...i've been known to do that and get some things published in my favorite magazine called, "The Altered Couture".  So when i was asked by Jessica and Marie from TGF,  if i'd be interested in creating a 3-D something for them for the CHA,  i thought it would be fitting to use my ideas for them using the January releases.  I chose to use Miss Anya Garland and make a special "Fashion scarf" just for Jessica to wear at the CHA.

What i am going to "teach" you to make:

 Jessica colored this image and allowed me to use her image for this project.  It is a really fun thing to do with your images after you've colored them.  Just scan them and reduce them to the size much easier than coloring an image that is less than an 1" high. (That's what did when i first started coloring the images for jewelry lol)


Supplies needed:
MS Yarn (I purchased mine at Michaels)
Epiphany Crafts Oval punch
Epiphany Crafts Oval clear disk
TGF image
Jewelry pieces and pinback

Okay let's get started.
First you need to reduce your image to fit into the oval punch. You can hold the oval disk over the image to gauge the size, but do not remove the oval disk until we need to use it.

Now you need to put your image into the Epiphany punch and center it in the hole.  Once you do that you can place the oval disk on top of the image in the punch.  ***VERY IMPORTANT do not touch the sticky part of the disk, your fingerprints will show, hold the disk on the outside edges.

Place the insert that came with the punch on top of the clear oval disk, and close the lid and push down, just like a normal punch.  (see instructions included w/the punch)  Now you will have your own cute paper backed use on a card, on jewelry, much fun!!  You can take your images to another level...and so personal.
So what i did next was use 6000E glue (or your choice of permanent glue) to attach my charm to a piece of jewelry and then added a pin back to the piece i created.

You can wear the pin as is or add it to the yarn scarf. The yarn scarf is easy to make and i didn't follow MS instructions.

All i did was take an entire skein, take one loose end and find how long i want it to be around my neck, making sure i can pull it over my head.  Once i determine the length, i keep wrapping it around until i get to the other loose end.  I stitch the two loose ends together and then i stitch through all the other layers i wrapped so they won't come unwrapped again.  I took the pin i made and pinned it through some of the layers.  What do you think?  Fun, huh?
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