Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boy Attitude -I am not going to tell you

My grandson is very expressive at almost 5yrs old.  He says some really interesting things.  His newest saying is, "I am not going to tell you", which really means, "I don't know"..it always makes me chuckle because i KNOW what he means, but someone hearing the conversation might not.  For example when he comes home after preschool, he talks non-stop, and then i ask specific question, like what are the names of the boys that  were at school today, and he will use his "Ayden-ism".  I've left a large space for his mom to fill in with all of his Ayden-isms.

What i did:
I enlarged the image called "Guilty Bert" i used Word and made the image "behind text" and added the words to his t-shirt. I then colored the image to look like the picture of my grandson.  I cut him out and adhered him to my LO.  

Mo's Challenge Blog- Boy Attitude


  1. This is such a wonderful layout; Ayden himself will laugh at it in a few years' time. Kids' sayings are funnier than any other joke; maybe because they are so innocently put together. Great ressemblance between Mo's boy and your little grandson; they ar eboth so cute:) Great idea to put words on Bert's t-shirt, truly creative work. Love it, I bet Ayden will too!
    Glad you could join us at Mo's this week!
    Hugs, Iulia

  2. Hello!

    I love this image of Mo's and I love how you used it to create this page. Very creative coloring of his clothes to make it so personal.

    Wishing you a happy day!

    Barbara Diane

  3. Fantastic job, Bonnie!!
    I have not done any scrapping for such a long time....sigh...and you may just have inspired me, lol.
    We have two 5 year old grandsons, Spencer and Finlay (cousins born a week apart), and they both speak their own funny language....Finlay speaks Fin-lang, and Spencer speaks Spencerisms...and both are hilarious...got to love little boys!


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