Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby this is for you

I am a sucker for baby images/stamps...they are so so sweet and this one from Pollycraft is no exception.  It doesn't hurt that two of my relatives are expecting their first baby either. 

It's interesting too, because even though one niece is from my side of the family and the other niece is from my husband's side, but both have decided not to learn what the gender is until the baby is born.  Now for me that isn't a big "deal" because all 3 of mine were surprises too...but the difference is that now the retail stores cater to a girl baby or a boy baby..not too much is out there for a "no-gender" baby.  Try and find a baby card that isn't pink or's hard. 

So with all that thought process i chose to make a "colorful" non-gender baby card.  Yes, it has pink but there is blue, orange, green and yellow.  It could also work for a baby shower card because the pink background could be for the mother-to-be, right?

Here is my card:

This is the sketch from Pollycraft's Monday Challenge:

Pollycraft Monday Challenge- Sketch
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