Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gobble Turkey Banner

My finished banner. All the measurements are below.

Shadow leaf (ridges from Create a critter/raccoon) 6.29 x 8; layer 5.83 x 7.41
Shadow Oak (from B is for Boy) 8.31 x 8; layer 7.58 x 7.29
Shadow Maple (from Create a critter) 7.18 x 8; layer 6.44 x 7.18

Gobble letters; "g " 2.74 x 4.29; "o" 2.77 x 4.18; "b" (inside the oak leaf) 2.41 x 4.06; "b" (inside ridge leaf) 2.13 x 3.59; "l" .76 x 3.24; "e" 2.50 x 4.18

Turkey (from create a critter) 7" in height

More Wedding pages for the Anniversary album

I used a rectangle from Plantin School book and resized it for the photo, then i welded the word "Wedding" and the date. I did the same thing for the "Happy Anniversary" pages. They are going to be autograph pages for their anniversary celebration.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My parents 60th Anniversary Wedding Album

My parents have been married for 60 yrs on October 28, 2010. To honor their anniversary i am making a wedding album w/reprints of their wedding. I plan to add past anniversary pictures to this album. To make this album i used the Cricut Gypsy and the Lite Botanicals cartridge and Plantin Schoolbook cartridge. For the vertical mat i used a rectangle 4.25 x 6.25 height and welded the shadow image 4.62 x 2.09 height to the rectangle. The layer was cut out at 4.62 x 2.09 height. For the horizontal mat i used a rectangle 6.25 x 4.25 height and welded the shadow image 6.50 x 2.95 height to the rectangle. The layer was cut at 6.50 x 2.95 height. The bird journal spot was done the same way, i welded the bird shadow image 1.84 x 1.20 height to a rectangle 1.46 x 2.30 height. The total length for the bird journal spot was 1.84 x 3.01 height.
I will have a youtube video uploaded at grandmabonnie3