Friday, December 3, 2010

Indie Art Cartridge "Angel Wings"

One of the cartridges I received for free last month for my gypsy was the Indie Art cartridge. i am finding that there are several things I can do w/that cartridge that isn't what it was intended for. Here is my first idea. i am making "Angel Wings" for my doll's Christmas costume. I am making a quick video, but it won't be done until i make the angel outfit for my doll. So if you want to make these wings for any reason here is what i did.
1. Selected two wings (they were both going in the same direction, so i flipped one)
2. I enlarged each wing to 5.79 width and 8.47 height on the gypsy
3. I rotated a wing so that it would overlap in the middle and at the point at the bottom
4. Grouped/Welded them together
5. Rotated the unit i just made so that i could get two sets of these wings on one 12 x 12 paper and cut them out of glitter paper (not the kind of glitter paper that sheds (it really ruins the mats i think)
6. I then duplicated (copy/pasted) one unit (wings) to the next layer/page (layer 2)
7. I then had to ungroup them so i could hide all of the inside pieces to make a solid piece. ( there is a solid layer (blackout image), and you could use them instead and "look though" your page to make sure it lines up right, or you can copy/paste like i did.) At any rate, you will need to weld these also (although as a duplicate they should still be welded, but they DO need to be re-grouped)
8. i cut this solid image out of vellum using the vellum settings.
9. I taped/glued the vellum between the glitter images. i used my xyron to glue these, but of course, i ran out of "tape" so i had to hand tape the rest.
10. They are ready for my doll's costume.