Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Christmas Journal 2008

This is the cover to my Christmas Journal.  The inspiration came from Ali Edwards blog.
This is Day 1.  The Advent tree with Ayden.
Day 2- Christmas Cards/Newsletter
Day 3- Outdoor Christmas Lights
Day 4- The Nativity
Day 5- My Family 2008
Day 6- New Tradition- Grandkids tree
Day 7- Christmas Stockings

Day 7- Stocking Insert with journaling
Day 8- Ornaments
Day 9- Christmas Tree with Ayden
Day 10- Dear Santa- Visits with Santa at the mall/dept. store
Day 11- First fallen snow of the season
Day 12- Santa
Day 13- Christmas Home Decorations
Day 14- Three Wise Men
Day 14- Peace Lily blooms
Day 16- Christmas Crackers
Day 16- Christmas Crackers Inserts
Day 16- Christmas Crackers insert back side
Day 17- Christmas past
Day 18- New Christmas Decorations for the grandkids
Day 19- Outdoor Christmas decoration for the grandkids
Day 20- Holly's Birthday
Day 21- Christmas at Grandma Bonnie's and Grandpa Joe's house.
Day 22- Christmas Cookies with Angel
Day 23- Christmas ApparelDay 24- Christmas Eve PJ's
Day 25- Christmas Day 
Day 25- Christmas Day extra pages
Day 25- Christmas extra pages

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