Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine Mailbox for gifts part 1 (tutorial)

I purchased some white tin mailboxes from the $1 section at Target to use as teacher/therapist "gift boxes" for Valentine's Day. I made sure to make the paper the measurement between the two raised areas because the lids have to fit back on the tin, and you don't want the paper to be an obstruction.
In this photo i decided to use a different paper for the bottom so it would be easy to have a "hole" for the mailbox arm. You need to mark the area just under the "screw" of the arm. You then need to make a "half" circle punch.

You will then slide that underneath the "screw" area.
I then measure on the top side using a different paper, so i don't have to match up any pattern in the paper. Hole punch this in the same way as the lower paper, make sure this paper will wrap around to the underside. *Remember if you use a patterned paper that has a direction to it will go upside down on the other side. You can use an all over print without a direction as i did above or have a print where you can match it up on the top side. (You would have to cut the paper at the very top, rotate the paper for the other side matching it up...i use hearts on the other mailboxes that went in one direction and used this technique on them.)
This is what it looks like when you've attached both papers. I also attached some bling/gem to the metal "screw" (see the last photo of part 2)

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