Thursday, September 15, 2011

You're Too Hot to Handle- card

The  Farm Fresh Friday Challenge at the TGF challenge blog is to make a project/card with the "You're hot or cold theme.  I chose "hot".  I would have liked to use the "Cheeky Naughty" but i haven't purchased that one yet and another perfect digi is being release called, "Cheeky Kitty", but not in enough time to make this card, so i went with "Cheeky Princess" and removed her crown.  I had wanted to use the candy "Red Hots", and use the saying, "Trick or Treat", but that might be taken another way so i scrapped that idea, well i didn't scrap it, i tossed that idea out. 

What i did:
I reduced the image and colored her looking at the Red Hots packaging, (actually she'd look great on the package) and added the Christmas red flower stamen that look like the "red hots" to the card. You can find a big bundle of these at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section.


  1. HI Bonnie!
    Woohoo, she is HOT!! Love how you altered her and yes she would definitely look terrific on the cover of a box of red hots! hahaha!
    Thanks for playing with us and being a great supporter of the FFC challenge.
    Gr8 job! ;)

  2. This is SO cute! Love that sassy attitude!


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