Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let it Snow! (not really)

I grew up in MI and i am not a snow the snowmen and the pretty snow, but do not like the cold or the ice...not even when i was a kid..nope don't miss it...but being in Indianapolis, i still get to experience the snow and probably more ice than when i grew up in MI.

Of course i had to walk about 3/4 of a miles to matter what pretty much...we lived in MI..we had recess in the snow...still can't believe it, because half of the day seemed to be dressing up to go out and then taking all the snow stuff back off to do class. I also remember being in 7th grade and wanting to be like all the other girls and wear nylons...i think i had permanent goose bumps on my legs by the time i walked to Jr. was over 1 mile to school.  I wore snowpants in elementary school...not snowmobile, because they didn't have those at that time...couldn't do that in Jr. High...with uncool. :)

I do remember one time in the mid 60's where i could skate with my ice skates (actually they were girl hockey skates because they were cheaper) on top of the snow in our was awesome!  It had iced overnight and stayed cold, it was the only time i enjoyed being outside in the snow. The only sad thing i realize now, is that my dad had to go to work in that weather and he did.

Well enough is the card that i cased this week..
Again THIS IS NOT MY CARD, but one that i am copying/casing for the TGF Farm Fresh Challenge- Friday/Spyday :

This is my take on the card above:

TGF- Farm Fresh challenge- Friday/Spyday- cased card

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  1. This frosty girl is splendid! I love your tags and those snowflake flourishes are so pretty!


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