Sunday, July 14, 2013

A house for all seasons

I am working with a Marianne Creatables House dies #CR1217, CR1218 and CR1219 for Dutch Paper Crafts... To start with i am using CR 1218, CR1219 and will be showing you below the house in different seasons:

The Marianne House dies are available at Dutch Paper Crafts, Don't forget to ask to see if we still have the other dies in stock at Dutch Paper Crafts!  
My adventure in this crafting project started with wanting a "sea glass" look and it turning into a frosted look.

 The photo is very blurred (due to that fact i should have had my glasses on)  The paint i used is from Martha Stewart, it is Frost Translucent Glass Paint.  The color is Sea Lavender..(although painted like this it looks white)

At first i thought i'd be able to put white vinyl on the outside of a rectangle vase, but after it all dried i found nothing would stick to it..i guess i could have used hot glue..but the bumps wouldn't look right in the end i thought.  So back to square one with a frosted vase.  I realized i didn't paint the inside (which i might consider another time..but i am going in this direction now seeing as i painted the outside of the vase) so i put the vinyl cling on the inside of the vase...well now you really couldn't see the vinyl i wondered if i could scrap away a circle like "a window view"..and a penny worked, but it does not leave a perfect circle my recommendation is to place a vinyl circle on the outside and paint over it and remove the vinyl circle when you are done painting..soooo much easier!

Once i had my window...i was pretty happy with the concept and liked the all white look..thinking it could work for any season, with decorations around the vase.  A good friend pointed out that she thought it could use then i started thinking about changing out the house, but putting my hand in there to change it out wasn't going to work, soooo i decided to make different houses for each season (and a few holidays)... and set them inside of the vase as the seasons/holiday changes.

Here is what i've come up with and i will list the other dies i used to accomplish this project below each picture.

Spring view:

The dies i used to decorate this Marianne Craftables House #CR1218 are:
Wreath- leaves from Marianne Craftables CR1208 (basket)
Flower border-Memory Box Spring Border #98115
I cut the house out of Core-dinations White wash paper with a Kraft backside, and a second time using Core-dinations Brown w/a light brown core.  I hand cut out the brown details (trim/door/windows and sanded them).  The floral border was cut out 4 times (green, pink, yellow, lavendar) and the flowers we cut off and attached to the green cut out)  The leaves were cut out (3 at a time) and attached to an "O" shape to make the wreath. The flower box is a part of the die below the first floor window from the brown house cut out...i just cut/sanded it to make it fit under the second floor window.  **I will be repeating the window box and trim for all of the seasonal houses i make.
Summer House:

The dies i used to make the summer house are:
Memory Box- Spring border #98115
Memory Box- Big Splash border #98438
Instructions same as the Spring House except i made a buoy "wreath" for the front door..using  embroidery thread (not floss) and i cut out red strips and glued them around the wrapped thread.

Fall View:

Dies used:
Memory Box- (tree and leaves) Flowering Winterberry #98391
Memory Box- resting birds #98527
I hand cut the pumpkins using Tim Holtz core-dination paper and sanded it..used the leaves for the top.

Winter View:

Other dies used:
Memory Box- Frostyville Border #98146
Silver "snowflake" wreath- Memory Box - Cherry Blossom (used center of flower) #98316

I have added a new house die for this vase project an in order to do that i had to take the vinyl
sticker/die cut out of the vase because the shape wasn't the same. No problem, the vinyl sticker sticks to paper and so i just cut out another house die to adhere it to.

Now for the other Marianne House die i used #CR1219 (Thatched Roof house), i turned this one into a Shabby Chic Gingerbread house:

 I used one other die on this house from Cheery Lynn dies called Queen Anne's Lace Border - B160

I have one more house to share with you and that is CR1217, i made a Halloween Luminary:
I made the opening using a Lifestyle crafts die called, Frame 8. i saved the cut out shape from the opening and used it to cut out and sanded the house.  In order to get the house to "stay" in the opening i place Russian Hair Netting inside the bag, i secured it by cutting out white cardstock to fit inside and cut out the opening again, this secured the netting by sandwiching it between the cardstock and the bag.  Next i cut out another house in white and placed that behind the black house to secure it on the netting.

The Marianne House dies are available at Dutch Paper Crafts, Don't forget to ask to see if we still have the other dies in stock at Dutch Paper Crafts!


  1. Bonnie, you already know that I really like this project since we've "discussed" it as you were making it. I think this is one fantastic project, and I really LUV the way you've decorated the house(s) for all the seasons as well as the holidays, allowing it to be a permanent decoration and not just a holiday one. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  2. Bonnie, this is absolutely gorgeous. You did a beautiful job. I am in awe.

  3. These are all wonderful!! What a lot of work, but beautiful results!!

  4. Wow, this was an unbelievable amount of work! But so worth it! I love each and every one of your houses--and that frosted vase! And that Halloween luminary is incredible! You are so talented, Bonnie! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  5. Wow Wow Wow! I love your houses!!! They are all so delightful and I love what you did with the vase!

  6. Hello Grandma Bonnie...First of all...I am wowed by your beautiful intricate detailed houses...they are gorgeously put together. Lovely work and keepsakes. My jaw is still dropped they are so lovely.

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting my Blog at works for Twist of Faith.
    I will have to follow you to receive some of your blessings of great creative giftings.


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