Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bible Journalling illustrating , clear stamps, watercolor pencils, tutorial

I have been doing some "studying" Bible Journalling on Youtube after several of my friends have commented on how they like illustrating in their Bibles after they have read a passage of scripture.  The illustrations they draw or create inspires them and helps them "remember" that passage that meant something to them.

I have several scriptures i like and wanted to be able to find them easily.  I felt adding my "illustrations" would help me find them.  So this Bible is a "special" Bible that is like a "bookmark" Bible.

After watching several Youtube videos, i thought i'd try this technique first.  I would love to direct you to a great channel with ALOT of inspiration and ideas.
This Bible Journalist channel's name is Rebekah R Jones and you can click here to see ALL of her videos.

I have chosen 1 Corinthians 13 as one of my favorite chapters.

Here is my 1st Bible Journal page and below is a "tutorial" on how i created my first page!
Here is what i did:
First i used some Clear Gesso.. make sure it dries transparent..  I let that dry overnight.  Make sure you back your page with something.  I used a large zip-lock type bag.
 You can see the "wrinkle" affect this gesso creates.  This gives the ink something to "adhere" to and protects the page.

2. My Besties clear stamps have a clear acrylic sheet that has the image printed on it.  I place that on the Bible page so that i can get an idea of where i want to stamp my image and how it will look.
3. Next i used Ranger Archival Black Ink to stamp my image.  (Use the ink that will work for your coloring medium).  This is the 1st generation stamped image. 
3. Now i a started coloring using my Prima Watercolor pencils.  I then lightly used my paint brush and water.  I had no "bleeding" through because i used the clear Gesso.

4.  I decided to try one more techique and used a Sherri Baldy die, "LOVE" and made a cardboard stencil.  I traced around the inside of the stencil with my watercolor pencils.  Then i took the stencil off and added the heart so i could get that "curly que" inside of the heart shape.  Then i just highlighted the love a bit more around the outside and then i used water light lightly to blend the colors.  (see picture at the top for the finished look)
Like i said this was the first time i tried this technique and i plan to try to color a bit better the next time.  i did color the black of the eyes to darken them and next time i won't use as much pressure on the pencil because when i wet it, i found i had too much.

To find this clear acrylic stamp called "Here's My Heart" please click here.

I will be sharing a few more pages as i create them.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


  1. Thanks Bonnie for doing this. Very interesting and special.

  2. You've done a wonderful job! Thank you for sharing!
    Carole Lovill


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