Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How about a 3D Miss Daisy Stamps Raggedy Girl for only $1.50 with some We Are 3 Raggedies digital paper?

How exciting is that?  Miss Daisy Stamps is selling a Raggedy Girl printable image??  She is so adorable and that is why i decided to turn her into a 3D image instead of just using her as a printable.
Special price for this printable is $1.50, however it is for a limited time!

Do you like the card base?  You can get the template shape for FREE at Miss Daisy Stamps Facebook group here! *You must be a member of Miss Daisy Stamps Facebook Group to get the free template.  Click here to join our group!

I am using Miss Daisy Stamps Pre-colored image called Raggedy Girl- Adorably Yours available here:

We Are 3 Digital Paper- Raggedies Collection available here:

How did i do it??
First you need to figure out the size you want. I chose 3.5".  I printed her off 4 times. Then i cut her out in these layers.  The first one is the complete image and then the next layer i figure what would be further in the back and so on.  You could get more detailed and have done the ruffled skirt layer and a hair bow layer. :)

I used double sided foam tape to create the layers.
Now just layer them on top of each other.  I start with the full image and then use the layer showing above to the right and so on.
She is sturdy enough for a magnet or an ornament! If you want her to be two sided for an ornament, just print her off horizontally reversed. and match the two finished 3d images together.  Remember the back side is white so you will want to not use double sided tape so that the white backing won't show..just use glue or regular double sided tape.  Have fun!!

Shop here for Miss Daisy Stamps and We Are 3 Paper:


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