Monday, October 20, 2008

3 Little Pigs quilt

This is a 1930 Three Little Quilt Pattern that my Grandma had from the newspaper.  My mom had made this quilt but threw it away because it had holes in it.  I tried to duplicate it from my childhood memory.  My mom's quilt was green, but i made this one blue.  I started this quilt overseas in Wales and didn't have the resources we have in the US to applique the pieces so i went to their charity shops and bought some shirts to use for my applique.  i didn't finish it overseas so i purchased other fabric to complete the applique in the US.  It was quilted in Indianapolis at Quilts Plus.  I changed the original quilt by adding sashing to the blocks which has made it bigger than the original crib size in the pattern.  It is hanging in the room that my grandsons use to take a nap in.

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