Friday, June 10, 2011

Lucas, the Polka Dot Dog card

 It's a new digi beagle dog set and his name is Lucas from Digi My World.  He is released today, June 10.  He comes with many other poses, but this one was one of my favorites...what can i say i loved them all!  I made this one to measure 5" tall and so i decided not to use my markers, but to paper piece this one.  the pieces are easy to cut being straight lines.

What i did:
I printed the image to one side of the cardstock.  Folded the image over at the top and cut the front and back out at the same time to make a shaped card (welded style :)  Then i printed the image 2 more times on patterned paper, i cut them out and placed them on the card base to "test" the pieces.  Then i took them off and colored in the mouth and the strip that separates the main body from the spots.  Glued the pieces back on and then shaded the pattern pieces using a Copic marker - N0.

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  1. Oh Bonnie, he is so sweet, he looks so ALIVE, i'm waiting to hear him bark!


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