Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sherri Baldy's My Besties 3D Snowball Ornament

For the next two weeks at My Besties 3-D Deco Challenge blog we have another great challenge for you!

The theme is, Bell's, Baubles or Beads (Add one or two or all three to your card or Project)

To participate in our My Besties 3D challenges go here:

For this project i colored up this image 029  found at Sherri Baldy's My Besties Etsy store here or Scrapbook Stamp Society here and only used the top half of the image and then attached it to an actual ornament.

Side view showing the 3D layers:

Dies i used:
Memory Box Holly leaves. (in the video i used Doo Hickey holly leaves dies)

YouTube video instructions:

Written instructions:

What i did to make this ornament.  I purchase a set of "snowballs" (these are styrofoam type based..not glass or plastic) from Michaels.  I purchased some ornaments at a charity shop just so that i could take the ornament caps off.  Then i hot glued the ornament caps to the snowball.  I added the holly leaves and some beads..again hot gluing them to the ornament.  Next i colored my image and turned it into a 3D image.  Now for the tricky part.  I cut a strip of acrylic (from packaging).  At one end i made it into a point so that i could push it into the ornament base.  I used hot glue to add the acrylic strip to the back of iedthe 3D image, i do not recommend doing that because it starts to melt.. i would use a heavy duty glue and let it dry.  You have to position the acrylic on the back of the image so it will sit supporting the image on the ornament. You can test it with a glue dot first. To make it easy to push the acrylic strip into the ornament base, i first used my Xacto knife and made a slit into the ornament. Then i glued it into the the ornament to secure it.  Next i pulled the elbows of the image forward and hot glued them to the ornament.  Looks easy, but there is a bit of fussiness to this. I attached a ribbon to the back to hang the ornament, because if you look at the original digi you can see she is leaning on the ornament and the cap is to the side. i thought of adding an ornament hook, but because of looks better without it.

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