Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sherri Baldy Bestie of Oz- Yellow Brick Road Ease card- Dorothy

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Our celebration is all about Bestie of Oz products and how they are NOW printables for you to use on your cards and projects!  

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I loved ALL of the Besties of Oz collection so i wanted to make on last card with several of the printables.  This is an Easel card with a 3D image.  

Here is what i did:
I printed off the Dorothy single printable and turned her into a 3D image. Next i printed off the Besties of Oz group.  I cut them apart by cutting Dorothy out of the middle..there was still a bit left of Dorothy but i hid it behind the larger Dorothy.  My intention was to make the lion, tinman and scarecrow look like they are behind Dorothy.  If you don't want to do that step, just use the group and only 3D Dorothy.  Next i made a typical easel card added the oval and clouds.  Then i cut out more balloons from the balloon paper from the Bestie of OZ paper pack.  All of the papers on this card are from the Bestie of oz paper pack.  The rainbow was 3 various circle dies layered on top of each other.  The last circle just cut the paper away to make an arch.

Here is the 3D close up-

View of the card closed:

 There is also a Bestie of Oz paper pack. 
You will find the Yellow Brick paper in the NEW pack.

You can find the Bestie of Oz Dorothy by clicking here.
You can find the Bestie of OZ group by clicking here:

Free Sentiment:

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