Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Vintage Angel Wings Ornament

I am excited to share this Vintage Angel Wings Ornment
I have used a photo of my mother in the heart shape i made.
My inspiration was the Mitform Castings Candy Cane shape and Star.

How i made this ornament:
I die cut the wings - Tonic Studios Wings and Things Celestia Wings Die Set using a cereal box.
Then i used black gesso and painted the from and back of the wings.
Next i made a heart shape using the Mitform Candy Cane as a template.
I have included a pattern below of the heart shape i used.
The small Mitform Candy Cane heart is 2"
The large Mitform Candy Cane heart is 2.5"
I hand cut the heart from a cereal box and painted it with black gesso.
I now painted the MitForm Candy Cane and the star with black gesso too.
Next, I used Art Alchemy Wax - Old Denim on the edges of the heart and on the centers of the wings.
I also added Old Denim to the Mitform Candy Cane and Star
Now, i light added a bit of Alchemy Wax - Firebird to the edges of the wings, heart and raised edges of the Mitform Candy Cane and Star.
Add a string around the wings center before you add the heart to the wings. The string will be what will allow you to hang the ornament on the tree. 

Now cut out your vintage photo so that it will fit inside of your heart.
I cut inside of the line to allow the chipboard heart to frame the photo.
I used a black and white photo printed on cardstock so i could color it with Prismacolor pencils.
Here are the pencils i used to color this image:
Skin- Peach 939
Cheeks - Blush Pink 928, Pink 929
Dress- Pink 929, Deco Pink - 1014, Deco Peach - 1013
Collar/trim- 140
Background - Mediterranean Blue 1022, Light Cerulean 904, Powder Blue - 1087
Once your image is colored you can glue it to the prepared chipboard heart.  Test the size before you glue.  You can trim a bit away from the edges to have the heart frame your photo.
Looking at my photo above layout the Mitform Candy Cane and Heart on top of the photo.
I tried to make the star be off centered, but touching both tops of the heart bumps.
I do not glue these done, i take them back off and use Glossy Accents or Mod Podge Dimensional Glue on top of the entire heart to make a "resin" type finish.
Now i place the MitForm Candy Cane back in place making sure it is on top of the Glossy Accents.
While the Glossy Accents is still wet, i use a fine hologram glitter and sprinkle it at the top of the heart. Add a gem to the center of this heart.
Let this dry.
Once it is thoroughly dry, i turn the piece over and glue the string at the wings onto the back of the star, so that the ornament hangs straight. 
Let that dry and you are done!

You can watch my tutorial at 7 Kids Crafts Facebook Group here.

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Products used:
MitForm Castings - Candy Cane available here
MitForm Castings - Star available here
Art Alchemy - Old Denim available here
Art Alchemy - Firebird available here

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