Friday, September 19, 2014

My Besties 3D decoupage Tips and Tricks

Hi, i have made a few tutorials making the 3D My Besties decoupage sheets by Sherri Baldy.  I thought i'd make a post of some of my tips and tricks:

I am using the My Besties Mermaid in a shell 3D Decoupage sheet.
The current 3D My Besties sheets are here in the Sherri Baldy's Etsy store.

Here are the layers cut out. Every place you see dark green (my mat) is what i cut out. How would you cut under the chin and by the wing? Some would use an artist knife (xacto), but i am not that talented. I cut through or around. Let's look closer at my next photo.

To cut away under the arm..i cut under the elbow. I then continued to cut around the top of the seashell under her waist to get to the white part by her wings. To cut under the left cheek, i cut around her hand. I find it easier to cut out the fin strips by cutting around the outside of the fin and coming back in and making slits on each side of the sections..being careful not to cut too close to where they join at the base.

In some cases, i want the image to be 3D and then a section to be 2d. What do i mean? Take a look at the elbows. I put the foam dots on the head and used my glue pen on the elbows to keep the arms from popping up. One reason is because i cut the right one loose from the seashell when cutting out the white. The other elbow was the last layer and it would be free to pop up slightly and i wanted it to rest on top of the sea shell i also used the glue pen to keep it down. Next i wanted to give the seashell some dimension so i cut some layers on my own and popped up sections and then used a glue dot to adhere the end..that section is under the wing.

Here is a close up to see the elbows and the seashell section. Also, notice the fish lips.. they are on the 4th layer, but the fish body is on the 3rd that it doesn't look like the fish lips are separate from his body..i used my glue pen again..and pressed the left side of her head down. If you look close you can see that that no one can perfectly cut the white off. What some people do is use a black liner/marker and color in the edges of all of their cut out images so that those white edges don't show. I think i am ok with it as is.

Here is the image on the card finished:

side view of card:

If you are interested in making a 3D My Besties decoupage card and would like to enter a challenge, there is one here called:  My Besties 3D Deco challenge.  



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  1. Really fun design! Love all the details and coloring! :^)
    Hugs, Penny


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