Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Besties 3D Witch's brew Tips and Tricks tutorial featured in my Witch Cookbook container cover

Hi, all..super excited about the new Sherri Baldy's My Besties 3D Witch i did this week.  I thought i 'd give you a few tips and tricks for creating the 3D Witch!

Here are the 3D layers and how i cut out the hair. I can't stand the white and it is too hard to cut out the cork screw hair. So i have a plan.  I also changed the last lay, so that i could add my "fancy pin" to the pot. And i wanted the cat and bottom of the broom to be 3D separately from the handle. I also didn't cut out the cat's tail 4 times..i can't make that 3D anyway.

To make the hair "easier" to cut out, I chose to color in the hair. I used copics. The copics i used is YR61, 65, 24, 68, R08. I blended the whole thing with the YR61. I also added Stickles on the finished project.  Can you see how it would be easier to cut it out this way?

These, 3D images are cute just cut out all by themselves and this would have made an nice magnet or something to hang up. They are definitely sturdy enough to stand on their own.

Side view of 3D.

Check out my finished project in the post before this one.. should be just below. :)

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