Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tutti Designs - 490 Love Floral

Hello!  Let's see what you can create with Tutti Designs today!

For this card i was inspired by a card on Pinterest and the two-tone look.
So, i thought to create it with silver glitter paper.  So layering this needs a bit of explanation. And i am going to tell you a bit easier way to do it then what i did.. 
So, let us start with the white die cut part first.  Place the part of the die that will be the bottom part on the edge of your paper.  Only cut out the bottom will have a straight line this way.   Next cut out the silver the same way cutting out the top part.  It won't be hard to line it up if you cut the white part longer than you need, because the silver paper you cut out can lay on top.  *the easiest way to do this is to cut the entire part out of white card stock and just layer the silver part on top of the white card stock.  Here is one other tip..i found that i liked the silver cut out so that it didn't cover the birds in the letter "O". But that was just my preference.  Because of how it is layered you will not need to keep your negative pieces. 
Next, i die cut the whole die out of a gray paper that "went" with the silver glitter paper by figuring out the placement first.  (You can save the gray cut out for another card).  I used an embossing folder after i cut out the die.  Save this piece so we can layer it.  Now to start the background layer for the card.  Find a pretty neutral paper.. and make a "window" in the center smaller than the the gray paper you cut out but not so that it covers up the negative die outline. Take the cut out from the "window" (neutral paper) and place that behind the gray negative embossed die cut out layer.  Glue those together, you will now see the neutral paper in the negative cut out area.  You can now glue the positive white Love into that negative cut out area.  If you haven't added the silver part of the Love word you can do that now. 
So now you need to line up the neutral frame window on top of the gray area.  You are "framing" the Love embossed layer.   To get the silver "frame" you will be cutting out a square about 1/2" larger than the window opening and make that a frame by cutting out an inside square that will be larger than the gray opening.  That gives you the neutral "mat" between the Love design and the neutral paper.   I never said this was a quick card.. but once you get's easy..just takes time.  Looking at the photo helps to dissect the layering.  So to do a bit more embellishing.... I just cut out the large hanging heart from the love word.  I hand cut it in half and made it a tad bit smaller around the edges.  Last i added a bunch of gems.  

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