Saturday, February 15, 2020

We love a bit of sparkle, don't we?

Do you love playing with paper?
Every other Saturday, Outlawz Challenges has a "Paper a La Mode" challenge
that will inspire you to use your paper!
This two week theme is: Here's to Girls

Outlawz Challenges - Paper a La Mode's sponsor this month is:
You can find this shop by clicking here!

Here is my card for you today using We Are 3 Digital Shop - Happiness is
Dies used:
Memory Box - Sunflower
Memory Box - Collage cut out

We Are 3 Digital Shop - Happiness Is - available here

We Are 3 Digital Paper - Miss Daisy - available here

We Are 3 Digital Sentiments - Magical Sparkle - available here

You can find the current Outlawz Saturday Paper a La Mode challenge here
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