Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If you had 4 different challenges...

Okay, i have 3 different challenges i want to combine as one...this IS a challenge...it's kind of a puzzle that you have to put together.  Okay so here are the three challenges...What would you do???

First Flutter By Wednesday wants you to use this recipe AND to make sure you have a butterfly/fairy or angel on your project:
L= 2 or more Layers
O= have an Odd number of embellishments
V=have the color Violet on your creation
E= you can use any color Except red
 Second Anyone for Anya Challenge blog wants you to use this photo as inspiration:

Third a Sketch from Sketchy Colors Challenge Blog:
 And this is what i came up with: (she does have a bit of violet in dress "shading", 5 pearls on her crown, and 3 pearls on the large butterfly)

How i made this TGF image:
First i flipped the image so i could get a reverse side of the skirt...then i cropped the skirt layer that would go on the left side...and copy/pasted it several times...i did the same to the right side of the skirt.
Then i cut out the top part of the image and the left side of the skirt and the legs.  I then dry embossed the skirt pieces and cut them all out.  Then i adhered the top part of the image onto the gray paper using foam dots so i could tuck the skirt under as i went.  Then i added the legs.  Kind of cool, i have a whole new image and one that looks like the dress from the challenge...i hope.

I guess all of this would make more sense if you could see the original stamp.  Her name is Cheeky Beauty and found here.
I thought she'd be cute for confirmation too.

Anyone for Anya- Photo inspiration

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