Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TGF Lucky Bunnies, handbags and backpack, oh my!

As soon as i spied the TGF "Lucky Bunnies" clear stamp set, I KNEW what i wanted to do with them...the only question was, do i applique them on a handbag/backpack or make stuffed animals and pin them on a line with a clothes pin...hmmm.  I think both would be cute, but i went for the handbags and backpack.  I like to Alter items so all of the items  used to put my appliques on are from a charity shop...a great way to upcycle your current items or to just make other items special.

This is how i did it:
First i stamped, scanned and enlarged the images to 8".  Then i brought them to my lightbox (or any light a window/sliding glass door) and traced the images on muslin using black fabric paint and a paint brush.
Once i did that i needed the printed applique pieces.  First, thing is to iron some fusible web/heat n bond to the back side of the fabric i wanted to use...only enough for the appliqued pieces. I brought the heat n bond fabric pieces to my light box to trace the sections i wanted.  

****Remember because you are tracing on the heat n bond side to get your applique pieces, that you need to turn your scanned image over on your light source to get the reversed/mirror image...or your applique pieces will be drawn and then cut out wrong.  * Note how the below bunny's present is on the left side instead of the right side.
  Now that you have your pieces drawn and cut out all you have to do is iron them on your muslin painted image.  Next i put heat n bond on the backside of my painted image, before i iron the applique onto my bag i button-hole stitch around the printed appliqued pieces to make them secure.  After you finish doing that i cut around the outside edge of my painted muslin image leaving about 1/4".  Now i iron the applique to my handbag/backpack and button-hold stitch around the whole image.

You can embellish your handbag/purse whatever way you want, i added some organza flowers , felt handmade flowers or buttons and embroidery stitching..

 Here is another picture of the bag and backpack, the denim bag's picture was blurred so i didn't include it.
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