Friday, December 23, 2022

Tutti Designs - Magical Castle

Hello!  Let's see what you can create with Tutti Designs today!

 Earlier this week on my blog, i shared a Fairy Hugs card using this same layout design.  This time i used Tutti Designs dies to create this card. I love this look as much as the Fairy Hugs card.
To see how i created the background wreath, you can watch my youtube tutorial video.  It also shows how i put a similar card together.  
Here is that link :

How i changed out this card.. i started with Tutti Designs Craft Paper - Holiday Wishes.  The gray background is faux embossed paper and the green/black paper is also from Holiday Wishes.  So the first thing i did was make the wreath background.  Then i cut out Tutti Designs - Magical Castle from white glitter paper.  If you look at the original design, you can see i cut the castle out from the background. I saved the swirly bits and added those to the card in the end.  However, i also cut the castle in 3 sections because i wanted it to be dimensional.  There are two partial slits/cuts on each side of the center part of the castle.  I made the sections using those cuts by cutting them all the way from the bottom to the top.  If you know me, by reading.. you know i like to save paper, so i glued the two outside pieces to the green/black paper mat in the center because i wanted the castle to have a backing.  I arranged those two side pieces to that the middle piece could over lap the sides. I used double sided foam tape for the center piece and attached that.  I made a tiny hole by the castle in the middle of the mat and hand cut the castle out leaving a bit of the green paper showing. (you can see that by looking at the castle on the card).  Next i put the torn wreath section on top of the cut out hole from the castle.  i cut out Tutti Designs - Pinecone Branch from brown paper and cut it in 3 sections after i cut the rectangle line off of the pinecone branch.  So i figured out the castle placement and how the pinecone branches would work before i adhered them to the card.  I used double-side foam tape for the castle and tucked in the pinecone branch sections and adhered those with glue. Those curly bits from the castle die cut, i trimmed up and glued those in as well. 

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