Friday, March 17, 2023

Tutti Designs - Have a Good Day

Hello!  Let's see what you can create with Tutti Designs today!

For this card - step by step photos
You can see what i cut out for this card in this photo.  You can see that i snipped out the unicorn and hand cut the "shamrock" stem. What is missing from this photo is the steam from the cup. It is in the last photo because i decided to add that after all.

I glued the black outline from the rainbow to white card stock and the black outline cup to gold sparkly paper.

I trimmed the white and gold paper away from the dies.

Next i added the rainbow colors and the tiny hearts.  *note that there is a space from the unicorn's horn.  It will be covered up.

I added the red pieces to the mushrooms.  *note that i had to cut back some of the green to make the mushroom stem show more.  I also cut the two mushrooms apart.

I added the rainbow to the cup as shown and glued the "shamrock" made from the hearts and handcut stem to the rainbow.

I filled the cup with the mushrooms and added on to the side.

I added these leftover pieces from the cup to the back of the design.  I cut the small right steam apart which gave me 2 small steam pieces to decorate with. 

I have used:

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