Sunday, April 22, 2012

"B" is for Baby Booties- Paper Style

I saw adorable paper booties in a Magnolia Ink magazine, and have been wanting to make them.  I now have a reason because my friend, Aga is going to have a baby girl very soon and to celebrate today with an online party we are going to try to make these booties:

What you need is:
One 12 x 12 white cardstock paper
Two small buttons (I used pink)
ATG tape
Opt: tiny lace or rick rack about 1/2 yard, embossing folder- all over pattern (no direction) and one with lines, 6 x 6 pattern paper i used a pink scrap.

1. Print and cut out pattern.  Pattern found here. (click "here") and then select the "girl" template.
* Tip i cut around the entire pattern and then go back and cut in between the tabs.

2. Trace bootie two times. One for a right and one for will have to flip your pattern.
 * Tip make sure you mark the dots so you will know how to attach the bootie to the sole.

3. Cut out your booties.

4. Opt. Embossing.  They will fit inside a standard embossing folder.  I used an all over flower pattern and a stripe pattern for the sole treads.

*Tip when embossing or putting your bootie together, put the pencil side inside so it won't show.

5. Glue tabs (around base and the side where it said "glue" on the pattern) with ATG tape and bend the tabs.

6. Attach base to sole of bootie, starting with the toe dot and then the heel dot, tuck in the rest of tabs. When matching up the overlap, have the strap go on the outside.

7.Opt: Insole of bootie.  If you'd like to have a pattern paper to cover up the tabs inside the bootie you will need to trace the sole of the bootie again (two times one for the left and one for the right..althought there isn't much difference to the soles) and cut it out smaller by about 1/8" so it can slide inside your bootie.  *Tip You might have to lift the pattern sole up to go over the toe patient and it will work.

8.  Opt: If you'd like lace/rick rack around the top of your shoe you can attach that now.  I used my ATG tape to attach the lace.

9. Now you can attach the strap to the shoe with a glue dot and then add the button on top of it with a glue dot.

You can be done or you can embellish some more.  I used the Spellbinders buckle die for the embellishment in the front of my booties and added some pearls.


  1. Totally cute and inspiring!!
    Thanks for all the details and pictures, and the link to the template. Adorable!

  2. Beautiful, love them thanks for the tutorial..........


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