Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cookbook Corner bookmark & Corrugated Cardboard

 I am cooking up something special for my friend, Margo.  She is moving into her new apartment this week and i thought it would be fun to make a cookbook corner bookmark using "packing" supplies.

To make this bookmark i followed these instructions, (click here for the instructions to supplement mine) i changed these instructions slightly based on the materials we are using.

What you will need is:
(using 6 x 6" paper cut a 4 x 4 piece of cardstock (I used the key paper)
(using another 6 x 6" paper cut 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 cardstock (i used the tan paper w/Roman numerals)
Scrap from above
Ribbon or  packing twine (I used ribbon)
3 x 3" corrugated cardboard cut to 1.5 x 2.5"
Used postage stamp
Border punch (I recommend EKSuccess because it can punch through 2 thicknesses)

*** I made two color versions see below the instructions to see how to use "color"

Follow the directions as given from Splitcoast's link..
Measuring the 2" on 3 sides...and cutting the 2 3/4 square in half.

**However, before you attach the triangle to the back to hold down the corners that you scored, i want you to draw around the 5 sided shape with the leftover paper you used for your 2 3/4 square.  Then cut it out.  Do not attach it yet..

You need to adhere your twine/ribbon to the other side first so that it can be tucked under the piece you just cut out (make sure you have your ribbon close enough to the top so you will be able to border punch the bottom of your bookmark).  Now attach the 5-sided piece..this will be the back of your bookmark.

You can punch the bottom of your bookmark now...the ribbon/twine could be in the way, but you should have enough room if you put it close enough to the top.  (I actually cut 1/2" off the bottom before i border punched because my punch wasn't large and didn't take away 1/8" like most MS punches do.)

 Add the triangles to hold down the corners and to decorate the front like in the Splitcoast instructions.

Cut your corrugated cardboard to the desired size for the front of your bookmark.
How to make "corrugated cardboard", you just pull off one side of the paper of the corrugated cardboard as shown below:
Adhere your cardboard as shown..

How to decorate your bookmark will be part 2 at 5pm tonight.  We will be using the Mouse freebie found here.

Color version:

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  1. These are fantastic! What a great gift idea for your friend! Love the different ones you've made. Thanks for the tut, I'd love to try this sometime!


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