Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cookbook Corner Bookmark part 2

Try to say that title fast five times..hmm.  Well, here are the rest of the instructions for the embellishing/decorating the bookmark.

First i added some scrap border punches just under the triangle at the top..just because i had the scraps.
Then i colored my image using these copic markers:
Mouse- E41,43, 44, R20
Apron-RV 21, 25 (Colorless blender for the dots)
Spoon- W3,5
Bowl- R35, 39, Y21, YR23

Then i diecut a heart (this one is from Cheery Lynne) and this is where i used some clear packing tape.  I put the heart in between two pieces of tape and cut it out.  I didn't this to make the heart be more stable and last a bit long seeing as it had thin parts. It was like laminating it.

The next thing i did was cut out some black lined paper, but black paper would, to make it look like a mini recipe card.  I used my opaque white marker and wrote "My favorite recipe".  You could write anything or leave it blank.

I attached the heart and image to the corrugated cardboard with my ATG tape and  the recipe card with a foam dot and a bit of tape.

I bet you are wondering what i did with the "used postage stamp"??  Well i used it on the back like a "word"  Stamped "Especially for you"
Margo, i hope you enjoy cooking in your new apartment! 

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  1. This is just incredible! I love how your finished it off! Great idea to add tape to the heart doily!


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