Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just for you

Guess what..i am totally re-doing some older cards.  This is one needed an image that went better with the paper i think.  I also added some "classic" paper to the card for a TGF Challenge...but the background paper was classic floral to begin with.

I will share my before and after picture.

I am thinking i have improved a bit with my coloring, and one of my things i struggled with was embellishing.  The first card was made in October of last year 2011.  This remake was done today.

TGF  The Greeting Farm- Classic Pattern


  1. That's a fun idea Bonnie...I must say I like both cards ( old and new!!)
    Ciao Blankina

  2. Well, I think they are both nice cards -- just different. The first one was quite pretty as it was. Your second is also quite lovely with the addition of the flowers and extra embellishments. However, what a fun way to "grow" in your art by seeing how you can make something you've already done look different. I like them BOTH!

  3. I've never thought of re-doing a card, that's a great idea! I do like the addition of your embellishments, although your first card was lovely to!


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