Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snow Date Bonus card #5 -2 Ways

Decided to make a more simple base card.  This card inspiration comes from my friend, Sara.  She had this card in her "to do" list and it is "watermarked" Lisa J. Tompson.   It's a fun one!
Here is the inspiration card...Sweet and Simple:

Here are the supplies i used to make my card:
5 x5 card base
4.75 x 4.75- Brown mat
Dotted paper (or any lighter patterned paper) to go on top of the brown mat.
Center strip brown mat- 4.75 x 2.25
White mat (center strip) 1.5 x 4.75
Aqua strip on top of white
2 - 4.75" border strips (yellow)
Die cut or image like the inspiration
Happy Easter sentiment and mat
I will be adding a chick image to the side of my basket
Ribbon and embellishments for the basket
Attach the dotted paper to your brown mat and the yellow border strips to the brown strip mat.
Next add the blue paper to the white mat and attach it to the card base.
 Next add your diecut or matted image.  And your embellishments.  This card looks pretty good this way, but i will be adding an image to it as well.
 Once i added an image this is what it looks like:

Second version and supplies i used:
6.25 x 4.25 card base
Yellow mat-slightly smaller than base.
Center mat- pink paper 2.5 x(same size you cut the yellow base)
Pink pattern paper to put on top of pink mat above
Grass green circle/diecut 3.75" (i plan to double mat this because i don't like that much dark green showing)
white circle- 2.5
2- white paper lace border strips the width of your yellow card base mat.
Image/embellishments opt.
 Add pink pattern paper to pink mat.  Add white border strips to back of pink mat attach to card. Add white circle to center of green diecut/circle.
Put the green diecut circle on the center of your card.  Add bow.  Image to go in the center of your white circle.  Embellish as you like.
I changed out the inside circle and added another circle and then added an image, flowers and sentiment and came up with this:


  1. Just SUPER cute cards, Bonnie! Love all the little chicks and flowers. Great tutorials too!
    Cindy Porter

  2. Fabulous tutorials on how you put these cards together! I love your layering of all the different elements. Such cute chicks!

  3. Bonnie what beautiful images and papers you use . Fabulous Cards Hugs Elaine
    Enjoy the rest of your Easter break


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