Friday, March 2, 2012

Which comes first the chick or the egg?

Is that the same as which comes first the image or the card base?  Thought i'd share what i've learned in the last few months as i've enjoyed making cards.  First,i used to color my images first, and it took a while to find the right backgrounds to go with my image.  Then i asked the question of a blogger, do you pick your paper first and then color your image, because they "matched" so well.  She said, she DID find her background paper first.  I don't always do my cards "card base" first, but i've found it to be way easier.

So saying that i wanted to share this card in "progress" meaning i've made the base first.  I usually have some inspiration while i am making my card base, and that is why i love Feline Playful blog.

Here is my inspiration (it is a current challenge...but my card can't go live until after the challenge is over):

 ** My finished card for the Card Crafter's Circle is below...please join me at the blog for this challenge.
Here is what i did:

What i did for most of the card is use my cricut cartridges.  I had some old spools of thread and used those for the center of my accordion flowers.  I will include those here for anyone to use.  The white one printed off better than the gold one.

   And the rest of the story...
This is the completed card for the Card Crafter's Circle w/my image and the Button theme:

 This week our sponsor at Card Crafter's Circle is Bugaboo (my favorite...shhhhh!)  They are giving our random winner 7 digis...yes, i!  You can find my awesome bear image here.



  1. I just love how you've created your card without the image and then your image fits in perfectly! Great way to use your buttons!

  2. Bonnie, I really think you ROCKED THIS! So much lovely detail, and I'm so going to try it this way, ha!
    Oh, and thanks for the freebies....I'll be finding a use for these. :)

  3. Such an awesome card, I really love it!!!!
    Hugs Trish


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